Precision Agriculture: How Data Analytics Is Transforming Farming

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The term 'Big Data' is one that describes a blend of technology and analytics that's used to help
all kinds of industries make more informed decisions. This data is collected using a variety of
sensors, mobile networks and platforms to provide a real-time overview of processes, how
they're performing, and how they can be improved.

This technology is now widely used in what's coined as 'precision agriculture', offering
farmers accurate information about weather changes, soil moisture levels and other metrics
that impact crop yields. In this article, we look at how data analytics is helping to transform
the efficiency and productivity of farming.

How Does Data Analytics Work in Agriculture?

In the farming sector, data analytics refers to collecting and leveraging data concerning crop
harvesting. When a farmer has all the most critical information, they can make smarter, data-
driven decisions. So valuable is data analytics in this field that it has wide-ranging
applications, such as improved crop management and the acceleration of field trial research.

Agriculture has traditionally leaned heavily on farmer's intuition, whose expertise guides the
most appropriate course of action. However, in the face of climate change and reduced
availability of arable land, farming practices need to maximize the available resources -
something this approach facilitates.

Data Available in The Palm of Farmers' Hands


Thanks to the ubiquitous nature of mobile telephony, GPS and wireless technology, farmers
can now instantly access the critical data they need. With just a smartphone and an internet
connection, they can enjoy real-time data fed into the palm of their hands - something that
has only come to pass recently.

A range of parameters can be continuously monitored, such as:

Water usage
Rainfall patterns
 Fertilizer requirements
Crop inputs
Crop health
Crop yields

With so much information made available, farmers, agricultural researchers and agronomists
are afforded a more holistic view of events on the ground that intuition is no longer required. It
would be accurate to say that data analytics is transforming farming - and for the better.

Allowing Clients to Enjoy Optimal Results

Like many industries, agriculture is being disrupted by smart technology that helps farmers
make better decisions. Once upon a time, farming intuition was passed down the generations;
it's now being superseded by systems that take all the guesswork out of crop management and
the decisions needed to gain optimal yields.

While some may see the reduced reliance on the gut instincts of modern farmers as a bad
thing, it's not replacing it but augmenting the process. With assistance, farmers can now use
their intuition based on real-world facts, not feelings.

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