Micro-Irrigation: Its Benefits & Applications

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Micro-irrigation, which includes trickle or drip irrigation, is a crop watering system that offers
a range of benefits to farmers around the world. Used across global agriculture to help a variety
of crops grow optimally, the practice involves the use of equipment such as water pumps,
drippers, and fertigation systems, as well as above and below-ground piping.

Using low-pressure, low-flow water delivery, micro-irrigation offers advantages over other
more traditional forms, such as sprinkler or flood irrigation. Stay with us as we now look at
those advantages in greater detail.

The Benefits of Micro-Irrigation


Over the last few years, micro-irrigation systems have exploded in popularity due to their
cost-effective and efficient nature. Also, due to a number of benefits, such as;

It's Suitable For All Soil Types

One of the reasons this type of irrigation has become so widely used is due to its suitability for
all types of soil. For example, clay soil can be tricky to work with, as it requires slow flow to
avoid runoff and surface collection. Conversely, sandy soil requires higher flower rates to
provide sufficient root moisture. Micro-irrigation meets both needs.

Reduced Water Consumption & Higher Yields

Drip irrigation is known for its ability to conserve water by drip-feeding roots via above or
below-ground pipes. This avoids water wastage through flooding and evaporation and gives
plants exactly what they need at a uniform rate that boosts yields. Only the necessary
hydration is provided, and no more - offering a 30-50% water saving.

Simple Chemigation & Fertigation

Chemigation & fertigation is the practice of adding fertilizers, soil regulators and helpful
nutrients into the soil. Micro-irrigation makes this process much easier, minimising the risk
 of soil-borne diseases, soil erosion and more through the direct delivery of these elements
through the same pipes and emitters - using up to 35% fewer chemicals.

Reduced Labour & Resources Required

Thanks to the supreme efficiency of micro-irrigation systems, it drastically reduces the labour
required in growing crops. Via an automated pipe mechanism-based network, crops are able to
grow faster and healthier without the need for intensive manual work. This means that yields
are higher and so is the farmer's return on investment.

Allowing You to Enjoy the Benefits of Micro-Irrigation

Micro-irrigation is a super-efficient, low-cost method for farmers to enjoy higher yields while
having to work much fewer hours to achieve them. Also offering the ecological benefits of
lower water consumption and a reduced need for chemical fertilizers, these systems are
designed to deliver optimal resource use and improved operational performance.

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