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Get A Modern Farming, With A Modern Technical Irrigation System.

The IRRILINE irrigation system is not just the modern and advance technology! But also the HELPING HANDS to farmers!...

Founded and nurtured in Canada since 1988, Irriline has been a global leader in manufacturing and distributing top-quality irrigation products. Committed to exceeding customer expectations, we prioritize "quality," "value," and "customer commitment." Our extensive product range, including extruded aluminum tubing, die-cast fittings, and more, ensures enduring solutions for the irrigation industry. With installations spanning the globe, our reliability and affordability set us apart. Explore our diverse offerings, from Side Roll and Hand Roll irrigation to Filtration and Fittings, and join a legacy of satisfied customers.

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Why Irriline Is Famous Among Farmers

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Irriline is renowned among farmers worldwide. Our commitment goes beyond durable materials and high-performance irrigation equipment; we envision transforming farmers' lives by offering precise, affordable solutions tailored to their needs.

22% Reduction in water consuming

26% Reduction in energy consuming

30% Reduction in labor cost

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