Plastic Sprinkler IR–22P

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What is new in IRRILINE Plastic Sprinkler IR–22P

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  • Specification
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  • ½” Male threaded sprinkler
  • Corrosion resistant steel riser
  • Lockable nozzles makes cleaning the sprinkler easy.
  • Colour coded nozzles for easy identification of size.
  • Potato, wheat, vegetables, strawberry, Horticulture etc.
  • To prevent the crop from fog.

Metric Standards


US Standards

  • Saves labour, Easy to install and very easy cost efficient.
  • Very high uniformity of water distribution.
  • Lower discharge of water per sprinkler thereby reduces the power requirement.
  • Small drop size ensures no damage to crop.
  • Product made of high quality engineered plastic thereby ensures long life of the product.

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