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Side Roll Irrigation

The IRRILINE Side Roll is a mechanized sprinkler irrigation system.

Features & Benefits

  • Our safest and most reliable mechanized sprinkler irrigation system available. 
  • Capable of operating in most soils and can operate up to 7% slope. 
  • Newly fixed manometers on both ends ensure the accurate measurement of pressure at any time. 
  • Easy process from Buying to Farming

Most Popular Product

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Hand Roll Irrigation

The IRRILINE Hand Roll is a mechanized sprinkler irrigation system.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for manual operation and can be efficiently managed by a single worker.
  • All Pipes are 4”x 6"m extruded Aluminum Pipes.
  • Hand Roll Irrigation System is available from 72m to 192m.
  • System connects to hydrants by 4m x 6m flexible hose with 10 Bar Pressure and UV resistance.

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Irrigation Systems

Features & Benefits

  • Hand-move sprinkler irrigation systems and solid-set and permanent sprinkler irrigation systems available
  • Capable of operating well in most soils
  • Easy process from Buying to Farming
  • All wheels are hot dip galvanized

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Why farmers Choose To be With IRRILINE

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We Promote a Bountiful Harvest

Irriline's systems are meticulously made with the objective of supporting our agricultural community and ensuring a prosperous harvest.

We Understand Value of Water For You

At Irriline, our client's needs are at the forefront of our mission and we are dedicated to delivering the pinnacle of cost-efficient irrigation technology solutions.

We Understand Farmer’s Hard Work

We understand the tremendous effort our farmers put in to create a bountiful harvest. Farmer's choose to work with Irriline because of our user-friendly and energy-efficient solutions.

26% Reduction in energy consuming
22% Reduction in water consuming
30% Reduction in labor cost

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your irrigation company offer?

Irriline manufactures a range of irrigation products such as Side Roll and Hand Roll irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation, Drip Irrigation, Filtration, Landscaping Irrigation Products, Valves, Fittings, as well as installation and spare parts for these products.

Do you provide both residential and commercial irrigation services?

Irriline only provides irrigation services for commercial purposes at the moment

What types of irrigation systems do you install and maintain?

We install Hand Move, Solid-set, and Permanent Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

How do you handle ongoing customer support?

At Irriline, customer satisfaction is paramount. Clients may reach out to us via our phone number or through email. Our swift and efficient support ensures your inquiries are promptly addressed. Your success drives our commitment. 

What are the costs involved in installing or upgrading an irrigation system?

To know more about costs, contact us or visit our pricing page

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