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At Irriline, we're dedicated to providing innovative irrigation solutions that help farmers increase their crop yields and conserve water resources. With our years of experience and commitment to sustainability, we're the perfect partner for your agricultural needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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Farmers choose Irriline because we prioritize quality, value, and customer commitment. Our reliable irrigation products are trusted worldwide, offering durable solutions at affordable prices. With a legacy of long-lasting installations globally, we only promise the best of the best for our clients. Your trust is our priority.


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Side Roll Irrigation

  • Our safest and most reliable mechanized sprinkler irrigation system available. 
  • Capable of operating in most soils and can operate up to 7% slope. 
  • Newly fixed manometers on both ends ensure the accurate measurement of pressure at any time. 
  • Easy process from Buying to Farming

Hand Roll Irrigation

  • Designed for manual operation and can be efficiently managed by a single worker using a centrally fixed double-wheel configuration.
  • All Pipes are 4”x 6"m extruded Aluminum Pipes.
  • Hand Roll Irrigation System is available from 72m to 192m.
  • System connects to hydrants by 4m x 6m flexible hose with 10 Bar Pressure and UV resistance.

Irriline Products

Side Roll Irrigation

Hand Roll Irrigation

Aluminum Pipes & Fittings

Polyethylene Pipe & Aluminum Fittings

Brass Sprinklers

Plastic Sprinklers

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