Irriline Sprinkler Irrigation System


Irriline offers 4 types of Sprinkler Irrigation System:

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Sprinkler Irrigation System by Aluminum Pipe and Aluminium Coupler


Sprinkler Irrigation System by Aluminum Pipe and Galvanised Coupler


Sprinkler Irrigation System by Poly Ethylene  Pipe & Aluminum Coupler

Sprinkler Irrigation System for Tall Crops

The Hand Move sprinkler irrigation systems can be used for all types of crops and soil conditions. Growers irrigate field crops, row crops, orchards, and pastures to conserve water and improve yield with these systems.

Hand Move sprinkler systems are less expensive and easier to maintain than other sprinkler systems, however, they are more labor intensive.
The IRRILINE Hand Move systems are made of light-weight corrosive-free aluminum products. Our quick couplers are specially designed for easy portability under field conditions and tight seal when there is water pressure.

Solid-set and Permanent Sprinkler Irrigation Systems adapt to all types of soil, crop, field shape and topographic conditions. These systems are set up and designed for a specific site (i.e. soil conditions, crop, and field shape) where they will operate. Permanent and Solid-set systems are usually found in areas with high labor costs and high value crops.

Solid-set System is an aboveground portable aluminum laterals with sprinklers, and is placed in the field for the entire season. In Permanent Systems, laterals are placed underground, with only sprinklers aboveground. In a typical Solid-set and Permanent System, sprinklers are installed on the entire system. Some farmers, however, purchase only enough sprinklers to irrigate a small area, in order to reduce the cost of sprinklers and risers.

We provide a large variety of pipes and fittings for Solid set and Permanent irrigation systems.

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