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Irriline Sideroll



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The IRRILINE Side Roll (a.k.a. Motoroll, Roll Line, Wheel Line, Wheel Move) is a mechanized sprinkler irrigation system, capable of operating well in most soils and irrigating most crops, except tall crops such as sugar cane and corn.


Side Roll is an ideal choice for modern technical irrigation in any location, especially in areas with high labor costs. The system can easily be operated and maintained, and there is no need for highly skilled technical support personnel. The Motoroll is an efficient and economical system in small fields, and the cost per hectare/acre is relatively low.


The Side Roll consists of  rigidly coupled aluminum pipes mounted on large wheels with the pipe acting as an axel. The drive unit contains an 8 HP  gasoline engine and a transmission with a reverse gear.   


The system can be up to 490 m in length. The most popular Side Roll is 400 m and contains 35 sprinklers, 100 mm (4") diameter pipe, and operating pressure of about 4 atmosphere (60 psi) at the inlet.


To learn more about Side Roll, please see Features,  Specifications, Operation, and Performance.


Side Roll Models

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 4" Pipe Model

 5" Pipe Model

  Length M

I 396-12-4"

I 396-12-5"


I 384-12-4"

I 384-12-5"


I 372-12-4"

I 372-12-5"


I 360-12-4"

I 360-12-5"


I 348-12-4"

I 348-12-5"


I 336-12-4"

I 336-12-5"


I 324-12-4"

I 324-12-5"


I 312-12-4"

I 312-12-5"


I 300-12-4"

I 300-12-5"


I 288-12-4"

I 288-12-5"


I 276-12-4"

I 276-12-5"


I 264-12-4"

I 264-12-5"


I 252-12-4"

I 252-12-5"


I 240-12-4"

I 240-12-5"


I 228-12-4"

I 228-12-5"


I 216-12-4"

I 216-12-5"


I 204-12-4"

I 204-12-5"


Note: All above pipes are in 12 M length. 1 X 40' container can fit 6- 8 units. For Each Side Roll 4 Stabilizers will be included

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